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Ensuring Your Product Is Designed For Trust with Adam Stone

Privacy is a global issue and it becomes more complex to achieve especially in this digital age. We’re living in an era where our data is sold and we don’t really know what people are doing with it. However, there is a solution that has made it simpler for end-users to have the security they deserve. Amber Christian interviews Adam Stone, the VP of Consulting Services and Chief Privacy Officer of Secure Digital Solutions, on the subject concerning security and privacy. Adam introduces the term “privacy by design” which was created by Ann Cavoukian and how it was specifically made for users to have more trust and confidence in the products they are using. As Adam dives more into this topic, he also talks a little bit about his lecture on this creation, citing examples for each of the seven privacy by design principles.

How To Gain Powerful Insights From Customer Testing

After launching a new product, the new game then becomes gaining customer feedback. In this episode, host Amber Christian talks about how to gain powerful insights from customer testing. She outlines the 5 W’s – the who, what, where, when, and why are we doing this? -  she used to run a six-week alpha test process to prepare their first product, Bella Scena, for market. Bella Scena is a to-do, calendar, and meeting planning application helps you make sure your most important work is being done. Discover how Amber did this and what went into each step.

Developing The Right Support Processes

Launching new products involves a lot of tests and planning. Amber talks about setting the stage for her alpha launch and some of the upfront things that they did in order to get Bella Scena ready for the market. Using human-centered design processes to develop Bella, Amber shares how getting the customers involved and making sure they’re solving their pain points have been important in the overall process. As vital as the human-centered design is the service design which is how you’re supporting your customers. In this episode, she talk about four products that she uses and how she put together her support process.

Creating UX And Human-Centered Design with Mike Arney

With the number of new software circulating in the digital world, it has become quite challenging to make one in your niche that stands out and really captures a wider audience. The user experience or UX has grown as an industry as a reaction to the difficulties that people have experienced with software in general in the past. Mike Arney, the Founder of Halftone Digital, talks about their company’s work around UX and human-centered design and how it fits together as it relates to building their software and products. He says people don’t have the patience anymore to deal with poorly designed software, and the way to create good software is to put yourself in the shoes of your users.

Don’t Build On Sand

Launching a business generates mixed emotions including nervousness and even loneliness. Amber shares how people nowadays are lonelier than ever and why coaching is the best solution to counter it. She also shares her journey into building her own startup and building units and groups that focused on varied topics. Amber says creating a network is another way of staving off loneliness. She has put up her own lunch buddy network and attends meetups where she learns life lessons from different people. Get more insights from Amber as she takes on how you can achieve a better sense of balance and meet people you can talk to regularly.

Naming The Baby with Aaron Keller

Brand naming is a crucial step in any company since it strongly dictates how consumers see products or services. Aaron Keller, the co-founder of Capsule, talks about his branding journey with Wonderly Software Solutions and shares the many lessons he learned. As branding has evolved through the years, branding has become more challenging. Aaron shares how to create brands that bring value to the end-user and how designs are a vital part of the brand creation process. He also highlights the importance of working with professionals with regards to creating logo and branding in general.

Facing Your Fear Monster

We all have a fear monster. If we're honest, we have a closet-full of monsters waiting to rear their ugly heads at the most inopportune time. Time and time again, a lot of women have expressed through asking, “Aren't you afraid? Isn't that scary? I couldn't possibly do that.” They have somehow written themselves off and have let entrepreneurship become some huge, hairy, impossible thing. It’s time to dismantle those fears as Amber talks about her fear monster and drop some insights that will help you face yours along the way. 

An intro to being wonderly

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